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Anyone who runs a growing business appreciates the importance of good financial information. But acting as a controller — or handling bookkeeping and other critical back-office functions — can distract you and your overburdened staff from your core competency. And that can really hurt your business’ prospects for success. It’s no wonder that over 70% of small businesses choose to outsource at least one back-office function, such as bookkeeping services.

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*Source Credit: “Small Business Report — Accounting, 2015” from Wasp Barcode Technologies.

Rapids Business Services (RBS) Group provides small business bookkeeping and operational support. Our skilled, experienced team use secure, cutting edge technology and an established process to deliver a full suite of back office services, including bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial reporting, and payroll administration. We are a locally based firm always Accessible, Approachable, and Accountable RBS group understands the needs of a small business. Whether you are looking for ongoing help with paying bills and employees, or you need to get your books in order to finance your business, at RBS Group we will tailor our services to fit your unique requirements. And, if you need additional small business bookkeeping services in the future, RBS group is a team you can rely upon with no second thought.

Approachable People, Established Process, and Cutting Edge Technology: A Proven Back-office Extension for Small Business Bookkeeping

When you work with RBS Group, there’s no need to hire several personnel like AP, AR, etc. We can fill all those functions, giving your business one comprehensive, cost-effective solution for your small business bookkeeping needs. As a result, you and your team can focus on what you do best.

Approachable People

Many small businesses hire employees who handle many different responsibilities. For example, many small businesses have an Office Administrator who handles everything from AP/AR to bookkeeping to processing new employees and payroll management. Instead of relying on someone who might not have expertise in all these areas, work with a team of experts at RBS Group.

Established Process

As a small business owner, you want to focus on your core business. At RBS Group, small business bookkeeping and operational support is our core business. We have been refining our process for small business bookkeeping since 2004. We start with efficient standardized processes that we can customize to fit your unique needs. There is no need for you to invest your time and energy into establishing small business bookkeeping processes—work with the proven process at

Technology Integration

Small business bookkeeping has moved well beyond paper and pencil. We research and test small business bookkeeping technology to find the most effective technology for business needs. As a result, we offer streamlined and efficient small business bookkeeping. We collaborate with your team using best-of-breed cloud accounting tools in a highly-secure environment.

Our One-Line Sell Promise

Our work is purposeful, audacious, urgent. Thanks to our seamless integration of team work, established process, and technology, our commitment to do well for clients is unyielding as we build our position as a strong back office extension supporting full suite of book keeping services to promote success of our clients.



The 'RBS Group' is based locally here in the United Sates creating an inclusive culture with the clients we serve. Winston Churchill who once famously engaged in "diner table diplomacy" where spending time building relationships helped him achieve great accomplishments. Being "Accessible" to offer quick help has been the key for our success.


As part of our 3A's commitment we believe "approachable partner can bring seemingly impossible goals down to earth and give those they advise a shot of confidence incorporated growth or results." Our foundation is based on one-line principle, "The Value of being approachable = Priceless" - Rapids Business Services Group.


We are an agile organization where accountability is a sense of personal responsibility felt in support of a broader organizational vision. Accountably is our foundation because it enables us to be a decision-maker and quickly act on what’s most important-doing the work that matters, when it matters. By nurturing accountability and creating an environment to flourish, we help our clients develop the agility they need to stay “competitive”




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